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Getting the last laugh of 2017

Moving back to your hometown the year it was drenched in the most rain, scorched by the hottest days, and nearly destroyed by massive firestorms could lead a guy to rethink the decision to return “home.” And to prepare for the frogs and/or locusts.

At the end of a busy year with many changes, not just geographical, but mental, it makes sense to spend some time philosophizing about what is truly important.

I’ve learned a few things about myself including—and this is a biggie—I am not “deep.” At least not yet. I like the simple things, and I like them over and over and over:

• The first sip of coffee to start every day…
• The first laugh at a show with an audience of strangers who will turn into friends…
• The first step through the front door of my house when it’s all done.

So turns out my life is pretty easy on the goal front. I really like making people laugh and that’s been a great source of joy during my first 50+ years of life. Maybe 2018 will bring new and bigger insights on more significant topics, but for now I’m pretty good with what I’ve got.

Sometimes the commerce of art (yes, I called comedy “art”) gets in the way of the enjoying the creation process or the performance itself, but that’s not a problem I have. I have the good problem of having enough work to keep me in the game, and enough interest to keep heading to the airport.

No airport needed for the New Year’s Eve show I’m doing—just a short drive to San Rafael for the 8th Annual Other Café New Year’s Eve Stand-Up Comedy Showcase. This clean comedy show will be a fun and funny way to ring in the new year with a date or group of friends. I will share about this show in my next blog post, but if you’ll be in in the Bay Area on December 31, visit the Facebook Event  or the Eventbrite page for tickets. 

Comedians, watch your step(s)!

Recently someone (Thanks, Stephanie!) asked me if I had any advice for a new (-ish) comic, and like most people I have an opinion on most things. Unlike most people, I have little filter about giving it. Here are the most important things I can think of when it comes to pursuing stand-up comedy: 1. WRITEContinue Reading

Happy new beginning

I enjoy beginnings. Like the beginning of a good joke, those moments on stage, where a premise is introduced to an audience who is then filled with a mix of anticipation and perhaps some expectation. You (and by “you” I actually mean “I”) shouldn’t leave out that sometimes there’s also a little faith thrown in,Continue Reading

The Experience of Experiencing

This year it was brought to the thick-headed reminder center of my brain that the true gifts of existence don’t always come wrapped.  It was a thought for the year coming up to look, to plan, to share, and to have the wonderful things called “experiences.” You see: things done often are the true measureContinue Reading

Celebrating the Energy of Mel Kohl

When comedy is done the way I like it best, the way I like to see it best, or when I feel I’ve done it best, there’s a palpable energy in the  room. (And yes, I did have to look up palpable to make sure I used it right.) And when it happens, that energy—you don’tContinue Reading

Wishing you a Sesquipedalian season

We can give thanks anytime. Sure, now seems a bit more popular. A group “giving of thanks” with the family, or people who are as good as family, is a nice tradition. And for those who partake (I’m a vegetarian and still miss the drumstick), all the turkey tryptophan and togetherness of the upcoming weekContinue Reading

Progress is my co-pilot

I’m not sure anyone can do everything right. I know I can’t, or at least I haven’t (so far) And I sure hope it’s not my “can’t do” attitude that keeps me from this perfection. (i.e. the doing of all things right) The important thing (or at least the comforting thing I tell myself) isContinue Reading