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My resolutions of hope for 2018

I hope to do more things that matter in the long run.

I know I’ll see more friends and so hope to solidify those friendships, but hope also to make new friends, too.

I hope to listen to more music, and laughter and most of all reason.

I hope to write a ton and perform more and better material.

I hope that others laugh at things I create when a laugh is what I intended to happen (and even if I didn’t intend).

I  hope to waste less time, but if I don’t, I hope to learn something from the effort.

I hope to acknowledge the caring around me and towards me and make an effort to those I care about to know how much I care.

I hope to exercise a bit more so I can have some sugar and not feet terrible about it.

I hope to be a smarter investor of my time and money.

I hope my life finds quiet moments, and that I’m a better listener than I was this year and in years past.

I look forward to you 2018 and all the promise you hold for us all.

Confessions of a minor league pack rat

I’m heading through my garage in a plan to pack for a move. Crawling through memories of comedy and life, trying to organize such, so that when I look at the boxes again in four months, I have a better clue and a more modern memory as to the “where” and “what” of all that’sContinue Reading

Comedians, watch your step(s)!

Recently someone (Thanks, Stephanie!) asked me if I had any advice for a new (-ish) comic, and like most people I have an opinion on most things. Unlike most people, I have little filter about giving it. Here are the most important things I can think of when it comes to pursuing stand-up comedy: 1. WRITEContinue Reading

Progress is my co-pilot

I’m not sure anyone can do everything right. I know I can’t, or at least I haven’t (so far) And I sure hope it’s not my “can’t do” attitude that keeps me from this perfection. (i.e. the doing of all things right) The important thing (or at least the comforting thing I tell myself) isContinue Reading

Grief is part of life

Fall is usually a darn good time of year for me thanks to celebrating many family and friends’ birthdays. (Oh yeah, including mine!) They’re mostly all “happy” birthdays—until you start adding all those ages together and think: “Wow, that’s a lot of years!” I do realize our only hope as a civilization is that asContinue Reading

“The Notebook,” Confucius, and me

Eleven years ago this June, the movie “The Notebook” came out, and it was a romance extravaganza. The common parlance used to be “chick flick” although in today’s PC culture, I’m not sure that description is still considered appropriate and so it currently (perhaps) is more apt to be called a “love story more alignedContinue Reading