Invite Steve Bruner home on DVD or CD!

Now you can have all the fun of a comedian living at your house—without worrying that he’ll drink milk straight from the carton, make prank calls to Helsinki, or follow you around asking “is this funny?”

Get a DVD or CD and take a Bruner Break™ whenever you need a laugh. Save five bucks when you order both. Shipping is included. Add $3,000 if you want Steve to fly to your town and deliver your order personally. (FYI, he likes 2% milk.)


“Steve Bruner Says Wheeee!” CD: $15



Steve Bruner’s “Tit for Tat” DVD: $20



Buy both for $30—and save five smackeroos!


Here’s an excerpt of Steve’s “Tit for Tat” DVD taped at the Go Bananas comedy club in Cincinnati.