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Going public with my 2016 resolutions

new-years-dialIt’s the New Year, which means it’s time to start doing the things you think you should be doing…or to try to start doing those things again.

People call ‘em resolutions… I get it, I try it, and yep I fail at ’em too. The comedy portion of this post would be these lines:

• This year’s resolution is to NOT make any more resolutions.

• I wonder if so many people resolve to drink less because there’s so much drinking to end the year.

• Nothing like a hangover to put “LESS DRINKING” at the top of the resolution list.

Now me personally, I try to make a list of things I’d like or want to do more of, so hence I understand the “eat better, exercise more, enjoy life more…stuff” so in that tone here goes my resolutions for 2016…


1. I will value Loved ones, Family, Friends, and Laughter, Silence, and—if necessary—the cleansing power of sadness and tears.

2. I will see my cup as not half-empty or half-full, but instead feel fortunate that I still have a cup.
(Another way of saying “I will try to be more grateful of people and less caught up in ‘things’)

3. I will not let little fears defeat thought.

4. I will know that the world is full of possibility and sure while not all of it is good, perhaps I can (and will try) to focus on those possibilities of this world that ARE good.

5. I will be less judgmental, and that includes the judging of myself.

6. I will be more creative, and let more ideas live.

7. I  will expand my brain, and not my waistline.
(This could go in the humor area above but I really do hope for this.)

A.  I will try to enter again the personal challenge event of 2015’s unfinished “Garage-a-palooza” and reduce my collection of EVERYTHING-Stuff to Less Stuff.

B. I will try to use up all my miscellaneous postage stamps. I keep finding them every year and will use them up on cards to keep up with the people I want to say hello to.

C. I will try to blog more often.

Until next time…