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A new way to pay taxes

Uh-oh! It’s Tax Day, the deadline for filling out piles of forms before you give…and give…and give some more.

Sadly, we’re never sure of the direct return on our investment. Sure, we get some military, some hopefully clean air and water, and a paved road or two, but sometimes it seems like you’re giving a huge part of your paycheck  to a wacky uncle (let’s call him Sam) and asking him to pay your bills while you head back to work.

Luckily, The Steve Bruner Tax Plan will make April 15 a whole lot easier. It’s a common sense, nonpartisan approach that will eliminate paperwork and determine your tax bracket with one simple question. Watch the video to discover how much tax you’d owe.

Happy Tax Day! Oh, and Washington, D.C.? You’re welcome!