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A Short Salute to a Good, Smart, Kind Father

I think more about my Father who’s gone than being a father on this day to remember.  I know that as time passes we all tend to romanticize some aspects of life, of people (that were) in your life…but I really did have a good, smart, kind Dad.

We didn’t have enough in common as I would’ve liked; he could build, take apart, rebuild, design, and fabricate most things he could imagine. On the other hand, I could break stuff and almost get half the pieces to fit back in the box they came in.

So on the mechanical level we fit with need (on my part) and skill (on his part).

He explained things usually on more detail than I could understand, and I think we both finally (at some merciful point) understood I’d probably only make any way in this world with my hands and back if there was some apocalyptic event, and then only until figuring out something would save my life. And then, we both knew, I’d probably be late with that, too. Oh, boy.

In quiet moments, I wish his wisdom was still around, I mean more than simply the things I can remember. If you had a good Dad, treasure him as you can, remember him as you may. I hope I’m remembered for trying to be as good, smart, and kind as my “old man” was.

Happy Father’s Day!