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Acting Reel

Steve Bruner performed in college theatre productions because stand-up comedy was not part of the curriculum. A few years later he was “discovered” while performing at a corporate event and was cast in a commercial for Cerritos Auto Square, one of the world’s first and largest “auto malls” with more than two dozen dealerships. He studied acting with Gene Butler at the Landmark Theatre.

TELEVISION His laser-sharp punch lines landed him writing gigs on several TV shows including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, while his comedic timing made him the star of a classic Cerritos Auto Square commercial. He’s also been featured in public service announcements for children’s charities and in a zany campaign spot for presidential “candidates” David Crosby and Graham Nash.

ONLINE VIDEO Steve is all about clean comedy, but his collaborators? Not so much. They’re a rough crowd. One guy doesn’t even participate in his community’s curbside recycling program. This is what happens when a clean comic spends too time on the dark side…

MOVIES AND THEATRE  Steve has acted in so many indie productions, he’s considering holding a half-day film festival. He played Stuart in “Banana Moon,” Andy in “The Acting Lesson,” and Richard in “The Necessary World of Make Believe.” He has also performed in numerous theatre productions, most recently  “The Father ‘Hood” with Stan Sellers and Ty Fance.

SKILLS Steve is always looking for that one script that will let him use all of his skills:

  • Dancing (ballroom)
  • Juggling (ballroom dancers)
  • Playing tennis, ping-pong and soccer
  • Running
  • Sailing
  • Singing (tenor)
  • Swimming
  • Looking gobsmacked when his incredibly hot, much younger TV wife asks his character a simple question