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Dishing about Sonic Eve

One of the best side dishes of being an entertainer, is meeting, getting to know, and enjoying other performers and the talent they bring to my (yep, it’s my blog) life.

One of the tenets of my brand/type/style of observational comedy (part of my rules, kids you don’t need to pay attention because funnier and wealthier people all through the comedy alphabet break every rule I’ve ever thought of following) is that I don’t mention specific people in my act.  I’ll have a wife or daughter or friend or family joke, based on people I know (or not), but often exaggerated or simply maybe made up (shhhhhhh!!!). I try to do this in my blog posts, too. But not always.

Now and again I want to give serious shout-out to performers I meet on the road who make the conversation, the room, the stage, or sometimes the boat really rock.  This week I was on the Liberty of the Seas for a spring break cruise, and much to my pleasure, I got to catch the wonderful show by the singers/dancers Sonic Eve from Toronto.

Talented on stage, welcoming, kind, and inclusive off stage, this trio (and their band) delivers a grand earful of music that appeals to many different ages. They put the audience at ease from the opening, and maintain a strong energy throughout the show. And what a show! Sonic Eve almost makes we want to add a costume change into my own act (not gonna happen).

It’s great to hang out with such talented performers who share my priorities. We were the first ones off the boat in Texas in search of coffee and free wifi.

Hope you get to catch ‘em live, on land or at sea. In future blog posts I’ll introduce you to more performers who really deliver the goods.