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Happy birthday (blog) to me…

steve-bruner-statuteHappens every year, like it or not, (wouldn’t you know: I’m still in the “like it” category) and I’ll take it easy on myself as I’m blogging while on vacation.

Despite being the oldest and most “edumacatd” I’ve ever been, I seem to have less insight on more things, but am trying to find peace with that as I realize: I’m never going to figure it all out. I’m also trying to find peace with the idea that maybe I’m  never gonna stop trying to figure it all out.

Let’s begin with: I’m one of the luckiest people I know. I have made much of my living (and spent much of my life) performing, and while some years I did it more for money than love, there was always enough of both to keep me (and it) going.

I’m proud of things beyond being lucky enough to make a living in show business. (And by “beyond,” I mean more important) I’m happy that I have lots of good friends—old friends I made when I was just four years old to newer friends I made by the time I turned 50.  These are the types of pals I catch up with a phone call or visit if I when I am in their town. There’s a special bond between people who  “did time” together  in kindergarten or ventured through the lost city of Petra together.

Yeah, I’ve tried living a life where I value a smile and love a laugh, and make a strong attempt to see a lighter side, even through serious times (which isn’t always appropriate).  I’ve fallen short of many attributes I value too many times to count, but I know we get to start fresh every day.

To my friends and “peeps,” thanks for bearing with me for all these years. Looking forward to the self-improvement I can bring in the next 50+…!

I read that publicly announcing one’s goals creates accountability, so here goes. This is what I hope to accomplish in the next 12 months of this thing called life:

  • Listen to music more.
  • Write more (comedy, thoughts, ideas, well, just more everything).
  • Perform more.
  • Eat more…better? (Especially Godiva dark chocolate 72% cocoa)
  • Exercise more (I stopped calling it “working out” ages ago).
  • Keep in touch more.
  • Be grateful more (thanks for the help getting where I “is” peeps).
  • Give more.
  • Enjoy, accept, and be at peace more.
  • And finally, fear…less.

Fill you in at the next 365 stopping point.