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Wow, I’m blogging!

Got a blog… typing stuff in… and to be honest I thought it would hurt. Turns out that like tons of things I think, (and I mean tons) I was wrong.

Goals for my blog are simple. I plan to:

• Capture (and offer) thoughts that probably won’t make the stage routine, but are funny (strong word) anyway.

• Share a few showbiz “gems” (again, strong word) that I’ve learned from some 20 years on stage and off. Still, experience doesn’t prevent me from making rookie mistake(s)… (I figured I best make that plural.)

• Divulge the stand-up rules I follow, have learned, sometimes practice, or just somehow luckily “know” that might help someone else on this performance road.

Maybe down the line I’ll discuss why a certain joke doesn’t work, or how it can work better. However, that would require actual readers, so I’ll put that on the cliché-esque “back burner” for now.

Several people helped me when I started. Jim Samuels gave me some performance and material tips. I remember Jim (I never called him Jim) saying something like “these are my rules, but there’re hundreds of comics making lots of money breaking every one.” Or something close to that, and that’s how my thoughts should be received, take what you can from the ravings, and make your own rules that work for you.

I’ll thank others for their advice in future posts, but all the mentors in the world won’t change the fact that the best way to learn is to DO IT. Writers write, swimmers swim, and comics… do what they do (a single word has yet to be invented).

If you’re out there being funny, good luck and good wishes. Yours is a noble endeavor ‘cause the world could always use more laughs. And if you just wanna laugh, we need that too.

Anyhow, thanks for dropping by…