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An inside view of VidAngel

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For the past 2+ months I’ve thought about, written, re-written and rehearsed for a show I was taping through VidAngel: a company that offers its users the ability to filter unwanted elements (like swearing) from a show, movie, or program.

The idea is lovely, as a program can be watched by many ages at the same time or at different times, and all the watching can be catered to the specific watchers. It has proved so popular, VidAngel has delved into original content. Part of their plan is to invite comedians to do a taping. These comics do their show the way they want, and then VidAngels takes the taping and adds filters so the audience can choose to  not hear language they find objectionable, or subjects they might not want their kids to ask questions about.  As an act you are not “censored,” (though they suggest that certain language/subjects/references) may not resonate with the live crowd present at the taping.  So you’re reaching a diverse audience far larger than the 300 people in the audience (who provide the laughter that’s tracked on the show).

I took a hard long look at the material I have done a long time and at the VidAngel filters that might be employed.  My goal was to hit a sweet spot between the two. I wanted to reach more than just the crowd at the taping, but not turn off people that might tune in later.

While my material has always been pretty clean, the VidAngel opportunity prompted me to cleanse it deeper. I chose to drop certain references and find ways around some innuendo to get to new punchlines.  What a workout!  A good one, and one that resulted in found call back opportunities, different order choices, and some segues I had never considered.

I appreciate so many of the comic voices and opinions that helped when I asked for suggestions.  In a few weeks you can see the results for yourself when the taping is available.

VidAngel is a class act every step of the way—I had a wonderful experience. It is always valuable to look at your material with fresh eyes and even better when you have the motivation of gaining a wider audience. Thanks for the opportunity.