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My Bucket Runneth Over

Thanks to one aspect of my work—bein’ paid to cruise to various places on this watery blue ball—I have been very lucky. In the past few years, I’ve knocked a several things off my Bucket List that weren’t even officially on my Bucket List!

To be honest, few care what I’ve seen, and where I’ve been. After a while, even loved ones  look at my photos I’ve taken, (selfies before they were called selfies) as if I’m showing a home movie of someone else’s Christmas. Only instead of some unknown kid getting a bike from Santa, it’s footage of my trips to India, The Middle East, the Far East, the UK, Europe, Scandinavia. Yep, I’ve been there, sometimes even done that.

I’ve seen some good powerful stuff that exists in this world, but none of it means more than even the simple stuff I’ve seen with the good powerful people that I care about.  Sometimes I’d choose a hammock nap while the family is chatting on the deck above me, at the family lake retreat, over seeing a piece of art all by myself.

There are plenty of exceptions. I was excited to  see the famous Edvard Munch painting  “The Scream” during its 100th anniversary year. But mostly I’d rather visit a local museum with my family—my Bucket List can never have too many of those kinds of moments.