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Sharing the abundance

A few years ago, my brain door was opened about “ABUNDANCE.” I’ve written about it before… And since the thought came into the great open space of my cranium, I have found some where in the vicinity of $400, on the street, in a casino, on floors, and rest assured NOT in anyone’s purse… And this was just by keeping my eyes open. My personal goal was to the double what I was “given” (i.e. found) and tried to find something “good” to do with my personal abundance rather than just SPEND it.

I came across, based on the idea of micro-loans. It has given me a hobby of sorts, a place for the funds I find, and I can help folks that seem to want to work hard despite their circumstances… and these are people I’ll never meet. I’m gonna start TODAY putting this on Facebook too, and if anyone wants info. I’d be happy to offer the insight I have.

Well, it’s early, and I’m leaving earlier than I planned, so the great space of thought in my head is more open than usual… still, I wanted to pass this along… look out for those pennies, they’re easy to find… and maybe help someone deserving, they might even be easier…