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Shout-out to Stan Sellers

Stan Sellers was one of the first stand-ups I met on the road. Back then clubs had condos as lodging for traveling comedians. In one city, there was a brand-new set of pots and pans that had likely been in the cupboard for years. Decades, maybe. Stan peeled off the plastic and started cooking. He traveled with his own spices!

Even though I was a rookie, we talked a lot about comedy and he tried a couple of things I tossed out there. I appreciated his bravery, and he appreciated the jokes that worked. Those comedy condo days are history, but we still throw material at each other all the time!

Stan and I got to work together on one of my favorite projects: The Father ‘Hood. Along with storyteller Ty Fance and director Tony Robinson, we created a stage show about how three guys handled their roles as dads. Each of the play’s three runs was a little different and very meaningful. Stan’s extensive acting background helped me up my game.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, make plans to attend “Using My Words: An Evening of Stories by Stan Sellers” on May 18, 2019. to see don’t miss seeing a talented performer at a cool little venue. I’ve heard some of his stories before, but they grab ahold of me every time—there’s a twist or laugh I never see coming. Even if I’ve read a story ahead of time, Stan’s delivery adds a layer that is like…music. He’s the real deal.

I’m sorry to miss his show, but I’ll be performing in San Diego. More on that in my next blog post.