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Support my funny friend’s serious project

You know how some funny people are always “on” from the moment they wake up until their head hits the pillow? Eliciting laughter is as natural and necessary as breathing for them. Funny is part of their DNA.

I’m a lifelong fan of laughter, but I admit I am gratified when a funny friend shuts off that internal comedy valve and reveals a bigger picture of their life and priorities.

My friend Lisa Alvarado delivers great stand-up on stage and has been fun to write with. I first met Lisa at show years ago. (That night was especially memorable because it was the first time my now-wife Teresa saw me perform after we’d been dating for a year.) Lisa was smart and quick and verbally knocked out a few very drunk hecklers. The comics that followed her were grateful.

While not one to joke 24/7, Lisa is always “on” with ideas of what to do between shows. And it’s not always comedy.

Two years ago, she befriended an audience member named Michael Schmid who has Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS) and was, by then, in a wheelchair. Michael had a crazy dream: He wanted to do stand-up comedy before the disease took away his speech (and eventually his life). Thanks to Lisa, his dream came true.

Long story short, Lisa has been working on a documentary about Michael, his journey, and his comedy debut (which happened in November). She created a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed for post-production services and marketing of the film which is called “Don’t Wait: The Michael Schmid Story.”

“Don’t wait” is Michael’s advice to everyone who has something they want to do in this life. Don’t wait.

Lisa helped Michael realize a dream. Now you and I can help Lisa realize her dream–to finish the documentary and get it in front of as many people as possible.

A donation in any amount can be made on her Kickstarter page, where you can watch a video of Lisa and Michael together.

Thanks to Lisa for being a funny comic, a good friend, and an advocate for people like Michael.