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Fundraising for a barn raising

In performing and writing comedy, I’ve found success in trying out and working in new material when it’s attached to an “anchor joke,” a solid bit that already works. This often helps win the audience’s confidence which allows them to move forward with you. It’s a comedy strategy that I hope works in this thingContinue Reading

Ray Charles paid my rent

Thirty years ago, as a baby comic, I would  venture almost anywhere my car would take me to do comedy. Living in San Francisco (when a starving artist could live there), I was always on the hunt for places to play and ways to make this laughter thing “full time.” Back then, I just skippedContinue Reading

No longer listless

Thirty-five years ago (ish), I met my great aunt Frieda’s cousin, Edie. Who ended up being the oldest person I’ve ever met as she lived to be 104 (ish.) She lived through a great swath of humanity, or human evolution, or human progress. Came across the plains in a covered wagon a bit after theContinue Reading

Three things no comedian needs: heat, hecklers and hubris

Stage time is often golden time. This stand-up comedy show-biz “thang” needs to be kindly cultivated and given adequate time for random thoughts…to become jokes…to build an act…to land  a gig…to (maybe) sustain a career. I see it this way: There’s the thinking and deciding what’s funny (or not), there’s the writing and picking wordsContinue Reading