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Freestyle blogging

For the past few years, I’ve posted to my blog on the first and third Monday of each month.  This made sense to me. It was in line with that productivity axiom “what gets scheduled gets done.”

But lately hitting those two dates has been more of a challenge than a calling. If I’m on the road, out at sea, or (one time) battling the flu, blogging is a real chore.  So from here on out, I’m going to blog whenever I feel like it!  I’ll write about about people I know (performers and civilians), jokes I’m working on, stuff I think I know, and upcoming shows. And, of course, my lifelong dream of getting a gig in South Dakota.  Maybe there’ll be some videos, too. Freestyle blogging does not require a calendar!

So this is my last first Monday blog post.  (Unless I just happen to have something to share on a totally random first Monday. ) As always, I appreciate your comments on the blog as well as your comments and likes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


1 thought on “Freestyle blogging”

  1. Great idea Steve. I have exclusively done freestyle blogging on my web page to no schedule other than at least every 3 weeks. I just try to do more often. I go to the computer every single day, and teach for a non-profit a little, and have authored 4 books – so a lighter “Design and Advocacy” schedule is good for the creative juice flowing I have- all from my head or what I scan from my environment of media and groups like Bible Study and Church. You, Steve, I am sure as most entertainers, are a much more interesting character than the desultory life of a mental health educator and coach!! You are wonderful in comments to your high school class, on where I read them, so you best keep your emotional cup and register full of life.

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