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In the game of life, laughter wins

Life isn’t a game where you necessarily need to keep score. But for those that like to, I think if you’re lucky enough to have a job that you enjoy doing, and it provides enough for you to keep doing it, whatever the game is, or the score is, you’re probably winning.

I enjoy comedy (a good thing for a comedian to say) and even more, I enjoy laughter. It’s the hoped-for reaction to my performance, but I enjoy laughter as a member of an audience and sometimes just being in a conversation.

Whether I cause it, or someone else does, laughter is one of the prettiest things that’s ever come to my ear. I just love it.

Laughter is an instant escape from the present. I’m self aware enough to know my type of performed (and preferred) comedy is not what you’d call “deep.” It’s not infused with satire or pointed references cleverly designed to change a mind or start a revolution. I admire (some) people who use material to laser in on their point of view of the problems of society. I also know that’s not and probably ever going to be me. I’m OK with that.

Instead, I prefer to focus on the universal and maybe even simpler problems of humanity. My notebooks are filled with observations about the pitfalls and pratfalls of modern life, and some of those ideas end up on stage.

I like to get laughs from the common bond of “that could be me,” rather than the sometimes exclusive (but very often funny) reaction of “that’s definitely not us!”

Whether a simple observation about everyday living, or an examination of the sides people take on philosophical or political issues, I always want to achieve my brand of comedic alchemy. I know it works when specific thoughts and found words generate laughter at the wonderfully incongruous, silly, or opposed.

As I’ve said before, I’m not bound by the burden or weight of using a microphone to enlighten. Nope, I’m just one of those people lucky enough to find some contentment in simply helping in any way I can to lighten.

I don’t know the exact score a life like that adds up to, but an epitaph that says: “Lived, Loved, Laughed” probably is a high one.

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