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A great week—and a great weekend

One great part of my life is looking for laughter in my days and activities and, well, everywhere. I carry a pen and paper (old school) and when I must, I type into this iPhone thingy (turns out mobile technology is not a fad).

I don’t seek out comics or performances per se. When I go to to a movie, it’s not usually a rom-com, or full-on-com. I escape this world with action films mostly.

But lately I’ve been rethinking my own habits because it’s not always about me (darn!).

One biggie that helped make this week grand is that I was creative in cultivating new material. Plus I ran into two new comics trying on stand-up for size. Here’s the great part: They gave me the privilege of looking at their material for a starter set that might even lead to a career.

It takes more than just good material of course. It takes listening to an audience’s laughter, and practice for this essential thing called timing. It sometimes requires not just thick skin, but steel plating.  Plus a prescription for ego salve. And, more often, simple luck for starters.

However, good material is the most necessary foundation. I laughed hard at material from younger/newer/ different perspectives. From opening hopes of connection with the crowd, to closing strong with those happy audience good-bye laughs, how great to be a tiny part of the big funny world opening to people who want to create this beautiful sound called laughter.

I wrote about about coming up with a bucket list in an earlier post, and one of the top spots (daily, weekly, and life-ly*) is finding even more laughter than I do now.


*A word which is is trademarked and copyrighted by me because I made it up.

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