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Let’s roll the footage!

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I continue to great feedback on my 2018 Dry Bar Comedy Special.  The VidAngel team did an amazing job of producing the show and editing the footage. It turned out just the way I had hoped. 

My microphone was dead for the first seven minutes of the first show, which is why they have their comedians perform two full shows. You never know what might happen!  I had a lot of fun that night and I think it shows.   

Watch my “hotel soap” bit on Facebook.    And here’s a bit about meeting my future in-laws.   

You can watch the entire special on your phone. Yes, there’s an app for me. 

At a show at the Granada Theatre in Morgan Hill, California, my good friend (and fellow comedian) Katsy Chappell  helped me capture a few jokes for a friend who had been very ill. The video may not be network quality, but audience members were great sports. Take a look.

Ready for more video? Okay! I’ll be adding clips to my YouTube Channel soon. Next up will be a video from my show at the Flamingo Resort in Santa Rosa—my hometown and a comedy-savvy community. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay in the loop.

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