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On the move…

Los Angeles is like no other place on Earth, so full and rich. Thanks to managers, agents, bookers, close calls to brass rings, and so many good times, I have enjoyed living here. But for many years, my work (cruise ships and corporate gigs and such) has been something I fly to, so my “off” time can be spent anywhere and might as well be spent in calmer environment.

So I’m moving this week. Different house (undergoing remodeling as I type), different city, different end of the state.  A big move!  Made even more memorable with a bad case of the flu. Turns out you cannot curl up in your bed when it’s in the back of a moving van. On its side.

I don’t need to dis anything I won’t miss. What I will miss is my L.A. people: the thinkers and the writers and the laughers. As well as the comfortable places I “play” or drive to play for pay.

Moving gives you a chance to review your life. I’ve saved a lot of things from years past—too many things.  This is something you find out when you un-pack and re-pack things (see my post on being a small-time hoarder) and realize you have just too much stuff.

So I’m streamlining. Over the next year I’ll go from “much too much” to “just enough,” and mine my comedy notebooks find the “gold” material that’s waiting to be refined.

Stay tuned as life continues with a different background!