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Performing for the hometown crowd

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I am happy to report I survived my first headline event in my hometown since moving back to Santa Rosa. I was a little nervous, but this formula made it all work out: Part rehearsal, part performance, part audience, part learning curve.

It’s interesting—and very unusual—to see so many familiar faces in the first four rows. Frankly, that many friends and acquaintances can throw you off your game (if one has game). But when everyone is laughing in all the right places, I just go with the flow!

I completely enjoyed the entire process, from invitation to contemplation to completion. The wonderful acts before me did a great job warming up the crowd. The MC wrote a personalized intro of each act (impressive!) and that made the show even better. A cherry on top was the after-party pizza that let me catch up with many of the folks from the front row as well as my fellow comics.

Yep, a high bar for local performing, so if you’re keeping score:

Comedy event: One
Comedy fun: Also one

March 10 was proof positive that life can be both fun and funny. Many thanks to the Sonoma County Family YMCA for including me in their annual comedy show.

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  1. Had a blast! Laughed 20 times harder than I had planned to. I hear that’s good for weight loss…. Great show, Steve Bruner!

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