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Progress is my co-pilot

viewerI’m not sure anyone can do everything right. I know I can’t, or at least I haven’t (so far) And I sure hope it’s not my “can’t do” attitude that keeps me from this perfection. (i.e. the doing of all things right)

The important thing (or at least the comforting thing I tell myself) is that PROGRESS is what’s necessary—on everything! I sit down with pen and paper or screen and keyboard to create any idea, joke, sketch, skit, “bit,” story, song, poem, or blog post (and all the other creative endeavors I cannot recall due to a coffee deficit), PROGRESS is my goal.

Perfection is daunting, but I can live with PROGRESS and actually look forward to it. PROGRESS is something that motivates me to get up early,  pour the coffee, get in the car to go and drive, just to have a few quiet moments in its presence. Because any time devoted to PROGRESS gives you the key to open the door where you can get to that binocular do-hickey-thingy (where you can then insert a quarter) and get a tantalizing glimpse of the magical thing called perfection.

So, while a master of not doing everything right, I keep my creative juices flowing with the thought that with honest effort and a solid daily routine of putting body in pants, then pants in chair, then pen in hand, then hand on paper, that something, anything can happen.

Ahhhhhh, I truly enjoy PROGRESS.

Perfection is not a pal of mine, and that’s okay, I’ve made a solid enough connection being in the presence of PROGRESS. And on a good day, and often even on a bad one, hanging out with PROGRESS generates serious creative riches that make me feel like I’m doing great (even if I’m not doing everything right).

2 thoughts on “Progress is my co-pilot”

  1. Imagine a world where each person on the planet was doing their best to move forward or improve their surroundings! Let’s get more people hooked on progress! Thanks, Stv…

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