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My resolutions of hope for 2018

I hope to do more things that matter in the long run.

I know I’ll see more friends and so hope to solidify those friendships, but hope also to make new friends, too.

I hope to listen to more music, and laughter and most of all reason.

I hope to write a ton and perform more and better material.

I hope that others laugh at things I create when a laugh is what I intended to happen (and even if I didn’t intend).

I  hope to waste less time, but if I don’t, I hope to learn something from the effort.

I hope to acknowledge the caring around me and towards me and make an effort to those I care about to know how much I care.

I hope to exercise a bit more so I can have some sugar and not feet terrible about it.

I hope to be a smarter investor of my time and money.

I hope my life finds quiet moments, and that I’m a better listener than I was this year and in years past.

I look forward to you 2018 and all the promise you hold for us all.

2 thoughts on “My resolutions of hope for 2018”

    1. Here is to a fresh new home for you and Teresa soon. This will be a great new year for us all. Love to you both. Norma

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