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Wishing you a Sesquipedalian season

We can give thanks anytime. Sure, now seems a bit more popular. A group “giving of thanks” with the family, or people who are as good as family, is a nice tradition. And for those who partake (I’m a vegetarian and still miss the drumstick), all the turkey tryptophan and togetherness of the upcoming weekContinue Reading

Progress is my co-pilot

I’m not sure anyone can do everything right. I know I can’t, or at least I haven’t (so far) And I sure hope it’s not my “can’t do” attitude that keeps me from this perfection. (i.e. the doing of all things right) The important thing (or at least the comforting thing I tell myself) isContinue Reading

Grief is part of life

Fall is usually a darn good time of year for me thanks to celebrating many family and friends’ birthdays. (Oh yeah, including mine!) They’re mostly all “happy” birthdays—until you start adding all those ages together and think: “Wow, that’s a lot of years!” I do realize our only hope as a civilization is that asContinue Reading

Happy birthday (blog) to me…

Happens every year, like it or not, (wouldn’t you know: I’m still in the “like it” category) and I’ll take it easy on myself as I’m blogging while on vacation. Despite being the oldest and most “edumacatd” I’ve ever been, I seem to have less insight on more things, but am trying to find peaceContinue Reading

Friends vs “friends” and the couch test

I’ve been on a friends kick lately, and I’m not talking about the gang at Central Perk. I mean my friends, including a few I’ve had since kindergarten. (I always preferred “kindygarden” because it just sounds more festive.) We all value friends, even if  the word has become watered down. Thanks to social media, IContinue Reading