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Ray Charles paid my rent

Thirty years ago, as a baby comic, I would  venture almost anywhere my car would take me to do comedy. Living in San Francisco (when a starving artist could live there), I was always on the hunt for places to play and ways to make this laughter thing “full time.” Back then, I just skippedContinue Reading

Remembering Shelley Berman

Shelley Berman, one of my comedy idols, died this week and will be mourned by many.  He leaves a wonderful legacy filled with the echoes of laughter that will continue as long as we can listen to his recordings and remember his wonderful creativity. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure (on his birthday) ofContinue Reading

An inside view of VidAngel

For the past 2+ months I’ve thought about, written, re-written and rehearsed for a show I was taping through VidAngel: a company that offers its users the ability to filter unwanted elements (like swearing) from a show, movie, or program. The idea is lovely, as a program can be watched by many ages at theContinue Reading