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A new way to pay taxes

Uh-oh! It’s Tax Day, the deadline for filling out piles of forms before you give…and give…and give some more.

Sadly, we’re never sure of the direct return on our investment. Sure, we get some military, some hopefully clean air and water, and a paved road or two, but sometimes it seems like you’re giving a huge part of your paycheck  to a wacky uncle (let’s call him Sam) and asking him to pay your bills while you head back to work.

Luckily, The Steve Bruner Tax Plan will make April 15 a whole lot easier. It’s a common sense, nonpartisan approach that will eliminate paperwork and determine your tax bracket with one simple question. Watch the video to discover how much tax you’d owe.

Happy Tax Day! Oh, and Washington, D.C.? You’re welcome!

32 years and counting

As of Friday, I made it through another year making a living by doing comedy! On February 1, 1987, I performed my first paid gig at the mighty/tiny San Francisco Comedy Club called the Holy City Zoo.  Sixty-one people paid two bucks each and I got 10% of the door. Yes, my payday was $12.20Continue Reading

What a different a year makes

“Labor of love” describes the feeling of doing something—even something difficult—that you enjoy so much, it does not seem like work. It might be a stretch to tie “labor of love” with Labor Day, but that’s what I’m doing. While I would rarely call comedy “work,” it’s not always easy. Sometimes I can’t get toContinue Reading

Finding “happier”

Whether I’m on the road which is sometimes on the water (because I play cruise ships), I find myself with a fair amount of downtime. I have lots of empty hours when I’m not performing, creating, writing, resting or eating. The audience members are enjoying a night on the town (or boat), but I’m inContinue Reading

Peter Paull and…Steve!

Many years ago, the ’90s, (yes, last century!), I was booked as the emcee/opening act for a variety show at the Catch a Rising Start comedy club in Las Vegas. This series of shows had a singer in the middle and a comedian headliner. It was one of those opportunities where I got everything possible:Continue Reading

From the sandbox to the senior prom

When you’re busy—really, really busy—time often zips by too fast to allow you to enjoy those moments that become treasured memories (and photos). Two weeks ago, I did a hometown show that filled me with anxiety before, adrenaline during, and deep appreciation after. I made sure to savor the moment of connection between my performanceContinue Reading