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Getting the last laugh of 2017

Moving back to your hometown the year it was drenched in the most rain, scorched by the hottest days, and nearly destroyed by massive firestorms could lead a guy to rethink the decision to return “home.” And to prepare for the frogs and/or locusts.

At the end of a busy year with many changes, not just geographical, but mental, it makes sense to spend some time philosophizing about what is truly important.

I’ve learned a few things about myself including—and this is a biggie—I am not “deep.” At least not yet. I like the simple things, and I like them over and over and over:

• The first sip of coffee to start every day…
• The first laugh at a show with an audience of strangers who will turn into friends…
• The first step through the front door of my house when it’s all done.

So turns out my life is pretty easy on the goal front. I really like making people laugh and that’s been a great source of joy during my first 50+ years of life. Maybe 2018 will bring new and bigger insights on more significant topics, but for now I’m pretty good with what I’ve got.

Sometimes the commerce of art (yes, I called comedy “art”) gets in the way of the enjoying the creation process or the performance itself, but that’s not a problem I have. I have the good problem of having enough work to keep me in the game, and enough interest to keep heading to the airport.

No airport needed for the New Year’s Eve show I’m doing—just a short drive to San Rafael for the 8th Annual Other Café New Year’s Eve Stand-Up Comedy Showcase. This clean comedy show will be a fun and funny way to ring in the new year with a date or group of friends. I will share about this show in my next blog post, but if you’ll be in in the Bay Area on December 31, visit the Facebook Event  or the Eventbrite page for tickets. 

An inside view of VidAngel

For the past 2+ months I’ve thought about, written, re-written and rehearsed for a show I was taping through VidAngel: a company that offers its users the ability to filter unwanted elements (like swearing) from a show, movie, or program. The idea is lovely, as a program can be watched by many ages at theContinue Reading

It’s all good in the ‘Hood

The night before Father’s Day, the fellas—Ty Fance, Stan Sellers and I—reprised (or revamped or resurrected) a new version of our play The Father ‘Hood. It might’ve been our best (and different) version yet! This rendition was less theatrical and had fewer “special effects” (I mean, c’mon, for our first showing, we had coffee ordersContinue Reading

Meet me in The Father ‘Hood on June 18

Stan Sellers, Ty Fance, and I will be celebrating Dads (ours, our kids’, yours, and many others) on June 18 with a special presentation of The Father ‘Hood on Saturday, June 18—the day before Father’s Day. The show starts at 7:30 and tickets are just $5. The Story Salon at The Art Parlor 
5302 LaurelContinue Reading

Two great nights at the Hudson in Hollywood

Thanks to everyone who came out for my shows at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood this week. Special thanks to KTLA for the coverage. You cannot have a show without an after-party, and I got to catch up with Bob Fisher, owner of the legendary Ice House comedy club and comedian/MC Jimmy Burns.