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Happy April Fools’ Day

I like the beginning of any month for that “fresh start, new plan” feeling. (Sure, theerent’s due on the first, but whatever).

But the first of April is special–it gives everyone permission to pull a prank. I’ve always liked good jokes, but practical jokes? Not so much. (Although I do have a fake ice cube with a fly in it. Just never had the occasion to use it.)

This April I have several shows booked and I’m trying out new material at the many open mics  around town. Lately most of my gigs are realtively close to home, so i can drive.  Here’s my April calendar so far:

April 5: Los Altos Hills Golf & Country Club—lets’ see what makes the golf set laugh!

April 7: The Smit Show Comedy Night at Fogbelt Brewing Company

April 13: Clean Comedy Night at Lucky Penny with Hank Hardister

April 27: Craft & Comedy 7 with Levi Smith at the Juncture Taproom & Lounge.

This Northern California comedy scene is vibrant and full. So many places to play, and faces to see. That’s no April Fool!

Let’s roll the footage!

I continue to great feedback on my 2018 Dry Bar Comedy Special.  The VidAngel team did an amazing job of producing the show and editing the footage. It turned out just the way I had hoped.  My microphone was dead for the first seven minutes of the first show, which is why they have theirContinue Reading

Homework, Clubwork, Brainwork

The important shows are always different. A little money used to be important.  Then big money became  the most important show on my calendar. Then it got to be the big opportunity. These days, the important performances are personal. Like the first time back at a home town comedy club or a speech at myContinue Reading

New year, new plans

2019!  I like the optimism of making new year’s resolutions—a promise to yourself to make positive changes in the next twelve months. The start of the year is a great time to do a bit of personal accounting to tally up what we have, what is still to be gained, and what we can doContinue Reading

Performing (and relaxing) on Edge

For my last blog entry of 2018, I want to share an amazing first: I was the first comedian to perform on Celebrity Edge, the newest Celebrity Cruises ship. The ship’s name is no accident—it’s on the leading edge of innovation. (And I have performed on enough ships to know!) This new ship was coveredContinue Reading

I was my own opening act!

Using comedy for the benefit of others is a force multiplier for good. Sometimes I’ll perform pro bono for a cause I like or for friends (and causes they like). Other times nonprofit organizations hire me to put the fun(ny) in their fundraising events. Sometimes, I’ll split the difference and give a smaller nonprofit myContinue Reading

Peter Paull and…Steve!

Many years ago, the ’90s, (yes, last century!), I was booked as the emcee/opening act for a variety show at the Catch a Rising Start comedy club in Las Vegas. This series of shows had a singer in the middle and a comedian headliner. It was one of those opportunities where I got everything possible:Continue Reading