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The guy from Ipanema

Finding new places to explore never gets old. Earlier this month I picked up booking on a cruise ship heading through a country I’ve never visited: Brazil. If you’re thinking soccer, samba, and the Amazon (the river, not the website), you’d be right.

Brazil has changed its visa restrictions for US visitors, so that process took less than a week. I found myself waiting/traveling/flying for 20 hours until I arrived at my destination.

Rio de Janeiro was one of the ports of call, and like many, I hoped to see the world-famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue. (Would you skip the Eiffel Tower on your first visit to Paris?) Well, others who had planned their trips far longer than I did filled all the available spots, and it is the paying passengers who keep the boat afloat.

On to Plan B. I didn’t have time to make other arrangements, so I just wandered the city and encountered art, people (and a cat or two) and the Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow, pictured). And—very important—coffee.

My rule of thumb is to look at life’s outcomes instead of its perceived disappointments. This sentiment is concisely reflected in the popular advice about making lemonade out life’s lemons. My day in Rio was filled with ice-cold lemonade. Here’s a try at my own personal proverbs:

• When in doubt, wander about.
• Break a sweat to enjoy what you get.
• The treasure you find is all in the mind.

Here’s to Rio’s street artists, museum curators, coffee makers, and to always grabbing onto the moments you can!

32 years and counting

As of Friday, I made it through another year making a living by doing comedy! On February 1, 1987, I performed my first paid gig at the mighty/tiny San Francisco Comedy Club called the Holy City Zoo.  Sixty-one people paid two bucks each and I got 10% of the door. Yes, my payday was $12.20Continue Reading

Homework, Clubwork, Brainwork

The important shows are always different. A little money used to be important.  Then big money became  the most important show on my calendar. Then it got to be the big opportunity. These days, the important performances are personal. Like the first time back at a home town comedy club or a speech at myContinue Reading

New year, new plans

2019!  I like the optimism of making new year’s resolutions—a promise to yourself to make positive changes in the next twelve months. The start of the year is a great time to do a bit of personal accounting to tally up what we have, what is still to be gained, and what we can doContinue Reading

Performing (and relaxing) on Edge

For my last blog entry of 2018, I want to share an amazing first: I was the first comedian to perform on Celebrity Edge, the newest Celebrity Cruises ship. The ship’s name is no accident—it’s on the leading edge of innovation. (And I have performed on enough ships to know!) This new ship was coveredContinue Reading

A season of thanks…and remembrance

It’s that time of year to appreciate … well, everything! I’m so thankful for the opportunity bring laughter to many corners of the USA and beyond in 2018. It’s been one of my most well-traveled and fun years. In addition to zigzagging from Alaska to Florida, Texas to Maine, and New York to California, IContinue Reading