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My fraternity family reunion

Where’s Waldo? Who cares! See if you can find Steve.

Good times can be measured in many ways. Starting a story with “remember when…” is one of my favorites, and often generates loud, familiar laughs.

This weekend was a reunion for my UC Davis Chi Phi fraternity, Sigma Delta chapter. This is where I got much of my gumption to step on a comedy stage for the first time. Where I figured out how to formulate material, host events with difficult and fantastic crowds, and handle hecklers for the first time—being a brother doesn’t make you immune to friendly or harsh ribbing.

I had the pleasure of not just seeing the men and women (fraternities have little sisters, too) I was so close to on campus, but also the privilege of performing a small set that recalled moments of our shared fraternity experience and reflected on certain aspects of growing slightly older.

Just like old times, Chi Phi was a great crowd, and they also kept me on my verbal toes. I thanked them for teaching me, back in the day, one of the most valuable lessons of show business: “Alcohol doesn’t help in comedy, unless the audience is drinking a lot of it.”

I was the only professional comedian at the barbecue, but I was not the funniest person there! Others shared stories that were hilarious because most of the “characters” were present, remembering the good times together. One story would lead to another and the laughter just kept flowing. Funny experiences tend to stay in your memory, and revisiting those moments, even decades later, brings it all back. Humor is a time machine.

I am grateful to my many brothers (and little sisters) for helping me realize my dream of being a comedian

I was my own opening act!

Using comedy for the benefit of others is a force multiplier for good. Sometimes I’ll perform pro bono for a cause I like or for friends (and causes they like). Other times nonprofit organizations hire me to put the fun(ny) in their fundraising events. Sometimes, I’ll split the difference and give a smaller nonprofit myContinue Reading

A comedy lesson from a man of the cloth

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What a different a year makes

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Finding “happier”

Whether I’m on the road which is sometimes on the water (because I play cruise ships), I find myself with a fair amount of downtime. I have lots of empty hours when I’m not performing, creating, writing, resting or eating. The audience members are enjoying a night on the town (or boat), but I’m inContinue Reading

Peter Paull and…Steve!

Many years ago, the ’90s, (yes, last century!), I was booked as the emcee/opening act for a variety show at the Catch a Rising Start comedy club in Las Vegas. This series of shows had a singer in the middle and a comedian headliner. It was one of those opportunities where I got everything possible:Continue Reading

The wedding belle

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