An inside view of VidAngel

For the past 2+ months I’ve thought about, written, re-written and rehearsed for a show I was taping through VidAngel: a company that offers its users the ability to filter unwanted elements (like swearing) from a show, movie, or program. The idea is lovely, as a program can be watched by many ages at theContinue Reading

No longer listless

Thirty-five years ago (ish), I met my great aunt Frieda’s cousin, Edie. Who ended up being the oldest person I’ve ever met as she lived to be 104 (ish.) She lived through a great swath of humanity, or human evolution, or human progress. Came across the plains in a covered wagon a bit after theContinue Reading

Three things no comedian needs: heat, hecklers and hubris

Stage time is often golden time. This stand-up comedy show-biz “thang” needs to be kindly cultivated and given adequate time for random thoughts…to become jokes…to build an act…to land  a gig…to (maybe) sustain a career. I see it this way: There’s the thinking and deciding what’s funny (or not), there’s the writing and picking wordsContinue Reading

Cosby and his influence

In my act, on stage, and in my thinking about material off stage, I leave out the people that make the news, and rarely call up a name. I may’ve had a few instances where I’ve used “Einstein” as a substitute for “smart,” and I do one joke where I use JFK and Reagan (airports)Continue Reading